Start A New Workflow

Meet the Plus Button: Start a New Workflow

From Within NetDocuments

From Within mot-r

Written Walkthrough

Clicking on the ' +' icon in the mot-r navigation bar, will open a dropdown menu. Scroll and select 'Start New Workflow'

Select from the available Workflow Templates options:

  • Job Type (mandatory - permissions-based view)
  • Workflow Template (mandatory - permissions-based view)
  • Workgroup (mandatory)
  • Cabinet (mandatory)
  • Client (dynamic - only if Clients are included in this Template), (mandatory)
  • Project/Matter (mandatory)
  • Reference (optional)
  • Start Date (mandatory - defaults to today's date - but can be set for future)
  • Recurring Frequency (optional)
  • Priority (mandatory)
  • Working Documents (optional - documents you want attached to this workflow)

Once all the fields are selected and completed, click OK and the workflow will automatically created and the relevant notifications will be sent.

Congratulations, you've created a mot-r workflow!

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