First Time Login Through NetDocuments

First Time ND Login

Prior to using mot-r within NetDocuments for your first time, you will need to remember your password for mot-r.

Once ready, navigate to an ND Workspace, and look for the Overview Tab (or Workflow) and you will be presented with a mot-r login screen. If you don't immediately see the login screen, look for the > mot-r by mercanix title and click the > so it toggles downward, opening the mot-r frame.

ND logo in Red Square? Authenticate with NetDocuments

If the ND logo is still in a red square on the top right hand side of your mot-r window, you will need to authenticate with ND. 

Watch the video below to see how.

Type your email address and your password into the fields and click 'Sign In'. 

Now That You're Logged In

Once successfully logged in, you will see the mot-r nd view. If a Workflow has been created for this Client and Matter/Project/etc. then the Performance Charts and Work Queues will automatically appear. If no Workflows have been created, you will see the following screen:

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