Work Queue Details

As we covered in the  mot-r Home Screen description, the mot-r Work Queue, is one of the key components of the Home Screen.

The purpose of the Work Queue is to help you quickly and easily understand, what work needs your attention, what has been completed, and what work has yet to be completed by you and others on your team, and then to help dive right in and get that work done.

Workflow Card

Each separate Workflow in the Work Queue will be encapsulated within a Workflow Card, to distinguish one Workflow from another.

Time In Queue

Workflows that have time standards entered in their Templates will automatically track and present the elapsed time of each step in the Workflow. In the above example, this Workflow has been sitting in this position for 12 D (days) and 1.31 H (hours). 

Activity Stream Icons

Moving left to right from the Time in Queue display, you'll see an image indicating which step the most recent action has been taken against, and another graphic icon showing what kind of action was taken (in the example this is the step completed icon). 

Workflow Template & Job Name Link

The text provided next to the right displays the name of the Workflow Job Type (Client File Set-up) and the name of the Job as entered into the Reference field as the Job was started see  Starting Your First Job for more detail. This title will appear as a text link, meaning it allows you to click on the link and Step Detail screen will pop up over the Activity Stream you are viewing. See example below (partial detail screen shown):

(partial screen only)

Activity Stream Details

Beside the Workflow Template & Job Name Link, you'll see who took the last action on this workflow (Mercanix Admin) - the time this work was completed, and the date. Lastly, an entry is made to report what action was completed (Completed step: 'Paralegal Set Up').

Show Timeline

By clicking on the Show Timeline link text or icon the Timeline will appear above the Activity Stream details.

Timeline Display and Status

Each Workflow Timeline will display several attributes that will help you understand Workflow details like:

  • what work is required;
  • what has been done;
  • what steps are your responsibility; 
  • what steps aren't your responsibility;
  • whether you are meeting standards for delivery or not.

In the above example, Client File Set-up, this Workflow consists of 3 total steps. Each Step has a name which is shown above the step (ie. Paralegal Set Up for step 1), a link between each step which graphically shows the status of the work (grey means no action has been taken, green means the step still falls within the time standard if one has been entered, and red means the step is past the time standard if one has been entered).

The blue step circles will be displayed for steps that you have a responsibility to complete, whereas any step that is displayed in black is a step you have no responsibility to complete.

The Active Step will be shown enlarged (either blue or black) with a white ring around it.

Each step circle can be clicked on to show the Step Detail screen with all of the information and tools related to that step and any Activity History that has been taken to this point.

Timeline Scale Bar

For larger Timelines the Scale Bar slider can be used to make the Timeline longer. This aids in reviewing Step Names that have been truncated due to a condensed Timeline display.

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