Why Use the mot-r Web Application?

mot-r WebApp: A global view of all activities

mot-r WebApp is a powerful dashboard to view and manage all of your Workgroups and Workspaces. This view is 'macro' and 'top down' -- in contrast to the 'micro' or 'bottom up' NetDocuments Workspace discussed below.

Advantages: WebApp view

The advantage of the Web Application view is that you are able to see ALL Workflows related to you as a User. You can use the filters underneath the Performance Charts to filter which Client, Matter/Project and Person you want to redraw the Work Queue to incorporate. 

Open a Separate Chrome Browser: Best use of mot-r WebApp

If you have a NetDocuments session open in Internet Explorer, you will be required to open a separate browser (Chrome preferred) and log in separately to keep the sessions from colliding and causing viewing and permission issues.

Using the same log in credentials, each Client will have a unique instance of mot-r to log in to. Typically, the URL is https://ClientName.mot-r.com.

NetDocuments mot-r Workspace: A focused view

By contrast, NetDocuments mot-r Workspace is a single view of a specific Client and Matter to which you have permissions.

Its window presents a display of Workflows that are specific your permissions to view/manage/contribute. 

Since mot-r is highly configurable, your organization's specific taxonomy may be Clients and Matters, or, Opposing Parties and Projects, or any custom combination of the people being served and what is being done by/for them. (Refer to First Time Log In article for more on the subject.)

mot-r Uses Your Terms: Highly Configurable

What we refer to as  Clients may be replaced by Departments, Line of Business, Location, Geography, Facility, or Opposing Party. 

Matters may be configured as Projects, Products, Agreement Types or whatever label the most sense for who you are and what you do.

nd view (User, Client & Matter specific Work Queue)

Not only do all the Work Queue items shown in the nd view relate ONLY to the interrelated User, Client and Matter/Project activities, the performance charts also are calculated and displayed using that data as well.

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