2. Creating Workflow Templates

Creating new Workflow Templates requires you to log in to the mot-r web application, select Templates from the main navigation and click on + Workflow plate button. 

A new Template Title line gets created where you'll need to enter a Template Name, select a Template type (this has to have already been created in the Settings section), and name at least one Template Owner and decide if you want to trigger a New Workflow Notification to all the Template Owners before Saving.

Owners of the Workflow Template will be able to see the Workflows in their Work Queue under In Progress even if they don't have any Step Responsibilities.

Once the Template Title line is saved, a new empty Workflow Step Template is generated:

In order for the Workflow Step to be saved, the Name field and at least one Responsible Person must be assigned to the step. Once the Step has been created for the first time, it can be edited to add more capabilities:Selecting Responsible People

You can add People by Selecting People from the Units & People Selector. Once selected as a Responsible Person, the Workflow will show in the Persons Work Queue and each Step they are Responsible for will appear in the Awaiting Action section of the Work Queue:

Required and Generated Documents

Documents, both Required and Generated, to complete the Step can be configured by clicking on the Docs icon, then selecting if the Document is to be Required or Generated radio button:

Type in the Title you want the Required Document to be called and click Add:

For Generated Documents, select Generated radio button, then select where the document template or precedent is currently stored in NetDocuments:

Select the Document from the List provided, click the Add button and then OK:

When you now mouse-over the document icon in the Workflow Step Detail you'll see the name of the document that will be available to generate when this Workflow Step is live.

Send Notifications & Escalations

By selecting the Send Notifications checkbox, Email Notifications will be sent as soon as the Step is Active (the Previous Step is Completed). 

Selecting the Send Escalations checkbox and entering a number into the Hours: field beside, will send an email Notification when the time is equal to the value of the field entered into the Hours field. Escalations can only be triggered if a value is entered in the Days or Hours field above. So, as an example. If you set the Days field to 3, and then turned on Send Escalations and entered 3 in the Hours field, an email would be triggered when the Step duration has exceeded the 3 day duration plus the 3 hours in the Escalations Hours field.

Escalation emails repeat once per day until the Step has been completed.

Step Guideline Text

Step Guideline text can be entered to provide practice notes or a detailed description of what is required to complete the step. 

Add Checklist Items for Quality Assurance, Guidance and Attestations

Adding Checklist Items can be created by clicking Add Item and typing or cutting and pasting into the text field prior to hitting Save.

Once the Save Button has been clicked in the top right corner, the Step is saved a a new blank will appear below to start the process again.

Once created, any step can be edited or moved (by clicking on the number and dragging to a new spot in the order). These changes will be reflected in the next Workflow but not be applied retroactively.

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