The Plus Button: Adding a New Record to NetDocuments

There are 2 ways to add a new new Client/Matter* record. *(Terms dependent on your organization's chosen NetDocuments Workspace attribute taxonomy. Other popular naming conventions are: Opposing Party/Matter, Opposing Party/Employee, etc.) 

  1. Create a New Record from within NetDocuments, 
  2. Or create a New Record from the mot-r Web App

1. Creating a New Record from within NetDocuments

a. Navigate to any Workspace

Click on 'OVERVIEW' tab under the Workspace Name

b. Click on the + button in the mot-r panel and select Add New Record in NetDocuments

c. Select the Cabinet to which you want to add the Record -- and review the existing list of Clients. Type the Client name in the Client Filter field to search for the given Client name -- this is to ensure you are not creating a duplicate Client record.

d1. Client Record Exists: 

If the Client Record already exists, it will appear in the Client Listing. To add a Matter to that existing Client record, select the Client Name from the List, and then type in the details of the Matter you wish to add to it.

d2. Client Record Not Yet Created

Otherwise, if the Client does not exist already, you can add a new Client Key/ID and then Client Description (name).

N.B. Serialization

 If a ' +' icon appears at the right side of the Client Key/ID field -- and you have Key/ID serialization turned on in the mot-r Settings screen -- a new Key/ID will be created which has been incremented one value higher than the last value (ie. 101). If you do not have serialization enabled, you can enter the Key/ID manually.

d2 - Continued: Add a Client Description, and click OK at the bottom of the screen.

e. A warning message will appear asking if you want to Add a Matter with the Client

f. You can choose to click OK, in which case mot-r will only add the new Client record. If you click Cancel, you'll be returned to the Add screen and asked to create a new Matter Record as well in the fields highlighted.

g. Fill in the required fields and click OK. If you have Matter Key/ID serialization turned on, mot-r will automatically increment your Matter record when you select the Matter Type.

h. Click OK to save the record.

To check if the record was successfully added, Reopen the Add New Record to NetDocuments and review the Client/Matter listing

i. A new NetDocuments Workspace will automatically be created for you to file documents into for that new Client/Matter record

2. Creating a New Record in NetDocuments from the mot-r Web App

Login to your mot-r instance, and select the + icon in the navigation bar. Then select Add New Record in NetDocuments and follow the same process as outlined above.

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