mot-r workflow 2019 R2 Release

May 1, 2019 - 2019 R2 Release Notes

Before we get to the release details, here's a recap for those of you who are new to the mot-r family...and fortunately, there are a growing number of you! “Why did we build mot-r workflow?” To help you reduce the number of things that make your work day suck, like:

  • Wasteful and frustrating status meetings,
  • Avoidable errors and rework,
  • Duplication of efforts,
  • Poor quality and service (internally and externally),
  • The pain of letting others down due to incompletion,
  • An inability to get better.

We design our products and services by applying a unique blend of evidence-based management, positive psychology, cognitive science, and cloud-based technology. For more information on our approach and views, see

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Release Summary

The 2019 R2 Release added the following major functions in addition to our normal bug fixes, UI adjustments and behind-the-scenes performance and security enhancements.As always, we're grateful to our product and development teams for being the best of the best and delivering such great work, and to our clients who are always inspiring us to deliver even more value. We're also always grateful for the support we get from NetDocuments and ND Certified Partners.

If you are really interested in all the details, please contact and we'll be happy to fulfil your request.

Working Document Enhancements:

  • Follow A Document
  • Send a Secure Link
  • View in Browser
  • Activity History Updates
Workflow Enhancements:
  • Start New Linked Workflow
Reporting Enhancements:
  • Working Document Column in Excel Report
  • Printable Summary Screens
Notification Email Administration:
  • Administrators can now control Email Notification Content

Added Working Documents Capabilities

First of all, what's a "Working Document?" A Working Document is any document that has been attached to a workflow that is an integral part of completing the work for that workflow process. You can attach any ND document as a Working Document so people you are collaborating with to get the workflow done, don't have to go looking for the documents you are working on or using as reference points. We have added more functionality to these documents to make it easier to keep on top of activity and communicate with others from inside a workflow process.

Working Documents: Follow A Document

Just like inside NetDocuments, you can choose to Follow a Document so you can be kept up-to-date with any changes to a document during and after a workflow process. Just select the Working Document drop-down menu and choose Follow. With our function, you can choose just the Document you selected or expand your choice to include all the Working Documents available.

Working Documents: Deliver a Secure Link

We think Deliver a Secure Link is one of NetDocuments' greatest functions so we couldn't wait to get it in the hands of mot-r users. If you need to send a document out for 3rd party review or approval, this is the quickest and easiest way to do that. And we've added a bit of our own UI pixie dust and functional enhancements to make it our own.

Working Documents: View in Browser

If you don't need to send a document out to a 3rd party but want to give another mot-r workflow collaborator a quick way to review a document without having to open it, just select View in Browser and a new browser tab will open with a preview of the document. 

Working Documents: Activity History Additions

Each time anyone uses one of the Working Document functions, mot-r will track and present their use in our Activity History section so it's easy to stay current with what's happened with this workflow step.

Workflow Enhancements: Start a New Linked Workflow

Some workflows are really made up of several smaller components, where there is a decision point or gate when a qualified individual (not a machine), can make a call and then kick off the next segment of the workflow to assign the right people for that component. In workflow lingo this is often called branching.
We're not big fans of the traditional approach to branching as it's easy to lose people when talking about branches or diagramming them. Complicated workflow diagrams may be great for planners and project managers and IT folks, but they don't translate or implement very well with regular business users. Our goal is always "make things as simple as possible, but no simpler" (h/t to Albert Einstein).
Now, within every live workflow step in mot-r, you can select Start a New Linked Workflow from the Action Menu at the bottom of the Step Detail screen:

Once selected from the Action Menu, you will be prompted to select the workflow Template you are going to use (from within the same Template Type group), and what Workgroup that workflow will be assigned to (so you can vary responsibilities to account for resourcing issues), in addition to the other regular workflow controls like reference, start date, priority, and working documents.

This new Linked Workflow will generate an Activity History entry in the workflow step, and display the new workflow for the same workspace attributes (Client, Matter/Project, etc.) as the parent workflow in Work Queues and Reports.

Reporting Enhancements: Working Document Column Added to Excel Download

Our Clients who are regularly doing Contract Reviews, asked us if we could list all the Working Documents that had been attached to all Contract Review workflows. The answer was yes, and we decided to make it available to everyone and all workflows.

Clicking the Download (.xlsx) button after you run a report allows you to use the report in Excel to manipulate, format and distribute as you wish. You'll see in column M that we're now listing the Working Documents that have been attached to each workflow process.

Administration Enhancements: Configurable Email Notifications

We have now exposed all the email notification management tools to Administrative users. You can now format your own content including images, links, and mot-r variable fields.

Thank You

If you've made it all the way down here, thanks for wading through all that. And thanks for the ongoing opportunity to work with you. We're grateful and we appreciate you.Stay tuned for more great stuff coming in R3 which is well underway!

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