mot-r workflow 2019 R4 Release

December 15, 2019 - 2019 R4 Release Notes

An ounce of prevention is worth a TON of cure. Most people are content to deal with problems every day and appear heroic when the same problems have to be addressed over and over, rather than spending time to design problems out of your processes. We believe in working upstream from problems to avoid them from happening over and over.

We built mot-r to help people avoid common collaboration mistakes like:

  • Miscommunication
  • Incompletion
  • Poor Service Delivery
  • Missed Deadlines
  • Poor Compliance
  • Non-Conformance
  • Resourcing Issues
  • Delays
  • Errors
  • Duplication
  • Accountability Issues
  • Bad Hand-offs
  • Poor Feedback Loops
  • Needless Status Meetings
  • Inability to Learn and Improve

We design our products and services by applying a unique blend of evidence-based management, positive psychology, cognitive science, and cloud-based technology. For more information on our approach and views, see

We hope to be of service to you, your team and your organization. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please email us at

Release Summary

The 2019 R4 Release added the following major functions in addition to our normal bug fixes, UI adjustments and behind-the-scenes performance and security enhancements.As always, we're grateful to our product and development teams for being the best of the best and delivering such great work, and to our clients who are always inspiring us to deliver even more value. We're also always grateful for the support we get from NetDocuments and ND Certified Partners.

If you are really interested in all the details, please contact and we'll be happy to fulfil your request.

Workflow Enhancements:
  • Editable Priority Ranking with Email Notification
  • New Document Upload from PC capability 
UI Enhancements:
  • New Add New Record Capabilities added to Start New Workflow screen

New ND Record Creation:

  • New Horizontal screen design with Added Record Displayed 

Reporting Enhancements:

  • New Performance Reporting Addition
  • New Column, Step Name, to Activity Summary Report Download

Template & Self Serve Portal:

  • Documents can be opened directly using motrOffice links

Multi-Language Capability:

  • Fully configurable interface to accept any language

Editable Priority Ranking with Email Notification

Because things change, and people need to be kept in the loop, you can now change the priority of a workflow with the help of the Action menu in any Workflow Step Detail screen, as long as a reason is entered. An email will automatically generated to let other Responsible People know of the change.

New Document Upload from PC capability

mot-r has always allowed you to attach a document stored in ND to a workflow process, so we've created a new function to allow users to upload non-ND documents into ND and attach them to the workflow process all in one motion.

New Add New Record Capabilities added to Start New Workflow screen

Previously, when you a Started a New Workflow you would have to do so for an existing Client/Matter record. Now, with the addition of our + icon, you can now add a new ND record on the fly.

New Horizontal screen design with Added Record Displayed

The previous screen was vertical in design and required more scrolling, so we redesigned the Add New Records screen to fit better within the ND UI constraints, and provided more feedback to users to ensure they could see their records have been successfully added.

New Performance Reporting Addition

In-House Counsel, or any service unit that is serving internal corporate clients need to be able to report on the volume of work they are delivering per period, by which workgroups, for which clients and what kind of work is being delivered. Otherwise, getting Management support for their function is almost impossible. That's exactly what our new Performance Report delivers.

Multi-Language Capabilities

mot-r can now be completely transformed by the the choices made language selector. With a simple click the entire interface and all application labels will be changed in realtime.

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