mot-r workflow 2019 R3 Release

September 30, 2019 - 2019 R3 Release Notes

Bad is stronger than good. People are wired to sense the existence of bad or dangerous conditions more easily than good conditions. Some evidence would suggest there is a 3x benefit to removing low performance conditions at work than implementing a new higher performance behaviour. As Charlie Munger would say, "It is remarkable how much long-term advantage people like us have gotten by trying to be consistently not stupid, instead of trying to be very intelligent." So, helping people to avoid common mistakes has become a driving force behind our application design.

We design our products and services by applying a unique blend of evidence-based management, positive psychology, cognitive science, and cloud-based technology. For more information on our approach and views, see We hope to be of service to you, your team and your organization. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please email us at

First of all, what's a "Working Document?" A Working Document is any document that has been attached to a workflow that is an integral part of completing the work for that workflow process. You can attach any ND document as a Working Document so people you are collaborating with to get the workflow done, don't have to go looking for the documents you are working on or using as reference points. We have added more functionality to these documents to make it easier to keep on top of activity and communicate with others from inside a workflow process.

Release Summary

The 2019 R3 Release added the following major functions in addition to our normal bug fixes, UI adjustments and behind-the-scenes performance and security enhancements.As always, we're grateful to our product and development teams for being the best of the best and delivering such great work, and to our clients who are always inspiring us to deliver even more value. We're also always grateful for the support we get from NetDocuments and ND Certified Partners.

If you are really interested in all the details, please contact and we'll be happy to fulfil your request.

Notification Enhancements:

  • Add Workflow Step Action "Add Message - Email" 
  • Non-expiring Deliver a Secure Link Notifications
Workflow Enhancements:
  • Type ahead workgroup selection in Start New Workflow
  • New Client identification in expanded Timeline View
UI Enhancements:
  • New Login Screen with configurable logo and background image
Notification Email Administration:
  • Dynamic ND Profile Attributes in Notification Templates

New ND Record Creation:

  • New ND Record Creation permissions controlled by User Profile switch

New Functionality:

  • New Configurable Portal Component for Template Libraries and Self-serve 

Add Workflow Step Action "Add Message - Email"

We've had a simple Add Message Action within each workflow step for some time, but there are cases where the message you want to attach to a workflow should be communicated out to the team. Add Message - Email allows you to both diarize a message and automatically send it out to the other people responsible for this step.

Non-expiring Deliver a Secure Link Advance Notifications

One of NetDocuments' greatest features is the ability to send a Secure Link to a document to be retrieved only by the recipients listed in the outgoing message. The link is typically configured to expire within 30 days, so after that time period it is no longer functional. We have incorporated Deliver A Secure Link deeply into mot-r. 

But for contract, agreement, or lease renewals for instance we like to set a workflow to kick off in the future, based on the expiration date of the contract. Often, that might be a couple to a few years, so any Secure Link we would send out would expire and be useless for the parties needing to review and decide whether to renew the contract. So we've created a doubly secure way to leverage Secure Link without having to deal with expired links.

We now generate an access code that you enter into a dynamic mot-r page, which authenticates you with NetDocuments and generates a Secure Link to use.

New Client identification in expanded Timeline View

Viewing an active Timeline in the Work Queue section of the Home screen, will present a list of Responsible People for each Step when the triangle on the left edge of the Timeline is clicked open. Now any Clients that have been included in the Workflow Step will be indicated by a C- before their name, like C-nd test above.

New Login Screen with configurable logo and background image

Our new login screen allows you to apply your branding both as the top logo on the login panel, and the background image centred across the page. Both images can be uploaded from the Workgroups section.

Dynamic ND Profile Attributes in Notification Templates - Admin Function

Administrator level users can now include dynamic ND Profile Attributes in any mot-r Notification Email. See an example above in the Non-expiring Deliver a Secure Link Notification which includes Profile Attributes like: Entity, Contracting Party, Contract Type, Expiration Date, Auto Renew and Contract Notes.

New ND Record Creation permissions controlled by User Profile switch

Users that have access to "creator" functionality can now be controlled by an Administrator with a simple checkbox on their User Profile.

New Configurable Portal Component for Template Libraries and Self-serve

One of the ways to avoid problems and mistakes it to provide self-service tools to internal users who want access to approved contract templates, guidelines for their use - and when action is required by in-house counsel - instructions to effectively submit requests. Our mini content portal allows all templates, guidelines and instructions are available to everyone who needs it, with the latest and official versions of each document.

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