Welcome to mot-r

Our Sincere Thanks

Firstly, thank you for choosing mot-r. We understand you have many options for the technology you use in your firm or business and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Integrated with NetDocuments, Exclusively

mot-r is deeply and seamlessly integrated into the NetDocuments DM platform and one of the first cloud-to-cloud integrations undertaken by any nd Partner. (We do not support other platforms for a number of reasons, but primarily because our extensive research proves NetDocuments is the most future-proof solution in the industry, and we believe in partnering singularly and deeply in order to give our client’s the best value and experience.)

Why did we build mot-r? 

Professional knowledge work has developed to include a large proportion of "factory work" where high-volume, routine processes that often result in the production of documents. Making these processes visible, trackable, adaptable and automated where possible helps to drive out mistakes, suboptimal client service (and hence profits), and drudgery. 

We built mot-r to help you and your team to increase your use of helpful standards, reduce preventable mistakes and rework, increase team effectiveness and get better at making clients happier. 

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